NFS:NL | Blackridge Breakout – Day 2 Event 6 (Lockdown Race)

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Make sure to lose the last race on day 2 of ‘Blackridge Breakout’ SE (McLaren P1 GTR) to farm event credits.

Avoid all x5 Roadblocks, Dodge x2 ESF, Takedown x1+ cop car, draft & drift behind Blake to net 3k-3.5k+ event credits on average run using L2W strategy taking advantage of event tickets being stacked up until day 3 unlocks.

Reduce speed by bumping into walls and at all cost keep Blake’s Huayra BC alive.

Video shows 4k+ credits farming.

Car: McLaren P1 GTR (786 PR).
Race: Day 2 – Event 6 (Lockdown Race).

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