Need For Speed No Limits: Underground Rivals Update | NEW CARS | NEW LOCATION | REP INCREASE

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This is it: the biggest update this year. Blackridge Rivals is no more. In its place is Underground Rivals, an all-new PvP mode in No Limits, giving us access to more races, more rewards, and more use of all of our cars instead of our fastest. Speaking of cars, two more have been added to the game: the Honda NSX and the Enzo Ferrari. Plus, new liveries, a new location, new car series events, rep cap increase to level 500, and much more. Blackridge City just got a lot more enjoyable this fall.

Video Presented by EA Game Changers

Early Access To Beta Provided By EA/Firemonkeys

Note: all gameplay and editing were done by me, however, I do not own the rights to EA, Firemonkeys, Need For Speed, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Honda, Bonus Points, Chillhop Records, Pixel Terror, or Monstercat. Enjoy!

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